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Megan Fishmann
Counterpoint Press
San Francisco, California



Gail Hochman
Brandt & Hochman
New York, New York

Social Media

In general, my body prefers information under-load and it would be hard to convince me that more is better, especially in an already saturated modern world. I was mindfully on/off social media for a number of years. It has purpose and does good, though I’m not here to be beholden to it and certainly not to have my life run by it. One day, it became clear that it was taking away from my life and perhaps the lives of many others. Now, I’m even more “in” my tactile life and currently building a vibrant online community that will be announced in June 2022. If you want hear all about it when the doors open, join my newsletter

Workshops, Speaking and General Inquiries

Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to responding to your message. Soon!       

My best, Molly.

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