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Friday, February 17, 20232:00 PM –
Sunday, February 19, 20234:30 PM

To see what’s unseen. To say what’s unsaid. To embody what’s intangible. To become what hasn’t yet taken shape. To put words to what’s been left unspoken.

We move into the liminal land of the Dark, the shadow lands, where all is possible and where what’s been hidden resides. To work in these ways unearths potential and brings up all that wants to move and take shape in your being and in the life you’re living.

Through embodiment practices, seership work, movement meditations, dream work, nervous system tending and self inquiry through written and spoken word, we find ourselves on the timeline of becoming more of who we are. We work with the allegory of the vessel in this way, tending to the body as moved by the Spirit and shaped by the pressures and pleasures of the external world.

Join an intimate circle of humans online as we dare to go Into the Cracks.

Join an intimate circle of humans online as we dare to go Into the Cracks.

  • Friday: 11-1:30pm PST/ 2-4:30pm EST / 7-9:30pm UK time

  • Saturday: 7-9:30am (break) & 11-1:30pm PST / 10-12:30pm (break) & 2-4:30pm EST / 3-5:30pm (break) & 7-9:30pm UK time

  • Sunday: 11-1pm PST / 2-4pm EST / 7-9pm UK time

Cost: $222. Sliding scale available, just ask.

Limited spots available, first come first serve. Early registration encouraged.

Who are your guides?


Nico Wolf (Nicole Haciba Burke) is a liminal artist, a seer, guide, healing arts practitioner, beekeeper, writer, & group facilitator of dreamwork, ceremony, & shamanic healing work. She is also the co-founder of School of Liminal Arts. Nico’s diverse background and multi-faceted worldview has inspired her to create spaces that elicit a deep sense of anything-goes-ness, belonging and freedom where the full palate of human expression and creative impulse comes to the surface. Through her group and private sessions, she ushers participants towards the transformation that can occur when finding oneself in unexpected and non-dual realities.

You can read more about her work and current offerings here:


Molly Caro May is an author of two books, teacher, and holder of space. For 12+ years, she has facilitated personal story workshops for more than hundreds of people across the globe. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing and focuses on where language/voice and the animal body meet each other. Her mission is to democratize expression and explore, in good company, the healing alchemy between story and nervous system.
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