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No longer this summer, but...

Coming soon!

We had to reschedule.

Stay tuned.


You probably know yourself really well. But, what do you not yet know? We live in a modern world that loves to label. How would you describe yourself if you couldn’t use words? What words would come out of your body if you didn’t say them? What are the parts of your story you haven’t heard yet? What movements has your body not made yet? When we gift ourselves time to venture into the unknown parts of ourselves, we receive the treasures that lie waiting. How we organize ourselves in modernity requires a quick clip, a snapshot of identity. I mean, in the spirit of play, who are you without your zodiac sign, enneagram type, diagnosis, nervous system tendency, attachment style, love language? Who would we be if we zoomed into that reel so far it became unrecognizable and distorted? When we bring light to the seeds buried beneath familiarity, we grow a new movement, a new story. Let us place what we know about who we are gently to the side, and risk discovering together. 

We will be WRITING, MOVING and DANCING. Hell yes! You don't need any experience in any of these modalities to be here. Our work is for everyone. 

Join us if you are called. We are both playful, serious, intentional, devoted to our work and the exploration of being a human in relationship to self, others and the broader collective. 

More soon on when/where.... 

Who are your guides?

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Originally from Atlanta, Weena Pauly-Tarr has been in NYC working and playing in the worlds of dance, movement training and somatic therapies since 1998. Weena has been trained as a teacher in various body-centered modalities and is currently working as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and somatic therapist, co-dreamer and facilitator of Rooted Global Village, dancer and performance maker. She founded her somatic therapy practice called ReConnect in 2008. She is a co-founder of duvet, a group of seven movement artists who explore authentic movement, performance, research and radical culture development projects. In early 2020, Weena created SE+AM, her most recent group work which explores the synergy of Somatic Experiencing and Authentic Movement. She will be premiering her new show “Monster Mourning” with collaborator Katie Workum May 2023. Weena lives in NYC with her husband, kids, fish and dog.  IG- @weenapaulytarr 


Molly Caro May is an author of two books, teacher, and holder of space. For 12+ years, she has facilitated personal story workshops for more than hundreds of people across the globe. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing and focuses on where language/voice and the animal body meet each other. Her mission is to democratize expression and explore, in good company, the healing alchemy between story and nervous system.
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