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Modern Mammaling: 3 Ways to Get Real-Deal Personal Traction 

A FREE 1-hour story + nervous system class |  October 5th, 9am MT, * recording sent afterwards


I’m here to help you inhabit your story like the mammal you are so you can live a life of sustainable vitality. BOOM.

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There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to fix. There is only deeper listening. You, turns out, were born for this terrain. It’s a top down and bottom up process. Your story and nervous system are both meant to be fluid. They have so much to say to each other. Pleasure in the sounds and rhythm of your language. Expression that goes beyond the act and leads to metabolizing any narrative that has kept you stuck. A deep capacity to LISTEN to the call within. Your own dimensionality has always been there and ready for you. This is a communal space, a healing circle. It’s mystical, crawling in the mud, always playful. Counter cultural. Ancient. Modern. Expansive. Sort of like drinking mineral broth. It is no small revolution. And I have never ever believed anyone should do it alone. We are on this sacred and rugged path together. What if you made contact with a clearer channel of you—for yourself, those around you, the world?
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“Moving, poetic, and addictive…”

–Elle Magazine

“She holds nothing back.”

–Kirkus Reviews

"I am blown away by the power of this collective space and the energy of it. Molly, your combination of somatics and sacred story-telling is pure medicine, of now and the future." – Helena Vissing


"Participating in Molly's workshops has been the single most transformative experience of this year for me." – Marinelly Piñango 

"Working with Molly is an invitation to come home. She holds space in a way that is 200% legit and seems to magically draw out exactly what needs to be witnessed and processed. I am so grateful to have worked with her!" – Dodie Davy

FALL 2023


Uncover Your Personal Mythology & Revive Your Nervous System Latitude

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