I have been running workshops for over a decade. It’s where I flow and shine and sometimes swear. It’s where we, together, transform our stories and ourselves. It’s where we explore the mammals we are. If you’ve taken part before, you know I trust how these groups come together with some wild and “just right” orchestration that exists beyond me, beyond us. We’re all teaching each other something. That. Is. For. Sure.
1 hour by-donation workshops
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Retreats, Collaborations, Bozeman-based

Suzy Cincinnati

Your workshops are among the most effective group therapy sessions I've been a part of. Each time, I've emerged that much closer to my Truth. We're talking the elusive truth (Who am I? What moves me? What does this actually *feel* like in my body?) and that is BIG. You are the real deal, Molly. THANK YOU.


Katie Maunz

I have been 7 years stuck, unable to move or change these stories. What a gift you have, and that you are transferring to all of us. You have cracked something open in me and simultaneously taught me how to begin healing it. Thank you! I feel inspired and stronger than I have felt in years. You are Magic as a teacher. 


Nicole Lawrence

My insides shifted with each prompt. I learned a lot from You, just observing the masterful way you held the group. And you see deeply, without layering on an agenda or destination. You're a mentor and a collaborator, a wizard and a friend all at once.

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