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I have been running workshops for over a decade. It’s where I flow and shine and sometimes swear. It’s where we, together, transform our stories and ourselves. It’s where we explore the mammals we are. If you’ve taken part before, you know I trust how these groups come together with some wild and “just right” orchestration that exists beyond me, beyond us. We’re all teaching each other something. That. Is. For. Sure.

Suzy Cincinnati

Your workshops are among the most effective group therapy sessions I've been a part of. Each time, I've emerged that much closer to my Truth. We're talking the elusive truth (Who am I? What moves me? What does this actually *feel* like in my body?) and that is BIG. You are the real deal, Molly. THANK YOU.


Katie Maunz

I have been 7 years stuck, unable to move or change these stories. What a gift you have, and that you are transferring to all of us. You have cracked something open in me and simultaneously taught me how to begin healing it. Thank you! I feel inspired and stronger than I have felt in years. You are Magic as a teacher. 


Nicole Lawrence

My insides shifted with each prompt. I learned a lot from You, just observing the masterful way you held the group. And you see deeply, without layering on an agenda or destination. You're a mentor and a collaborator, a wizard and a friend all at once.

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