Hey everyone, we are hitting the airplane and road for a book tour. I love my cave but also love coming out of it to have the good convos with people I know and don't know. Excited to be out there with you all.  

Tuesday, 1/16 @ 6pm                           Bozeman, Montana           COUNTRY BOOKSHELF

Wednesday, 1/24 @ 7:30pm                Brooklyn, New York          BOOKS ARE MAGIC: reading followed by Q&A with Allison Yarrow

Thursday, 1/25 @ 7pm                         New York, New York         MOMS + MOODS: Opening the Conversation Around Postpartum Rage

                                                              reading and panel of experts (Dr. Kelly Brogan, Latham Thomas, Lindsey Vestal & Dr. Venus Mahmoodi) 

                                                              @ IconUndies Event Space, 601 W. 26th Street, 5th Floor     WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Tuesday 2/6 @ 7pm                            Missoula, Montana              SHAKESPEARE & CO: reading followed by Q&A with Melissa Bangs

Sunday, 2/11 @ 6pm                           Bozeman, Montana             WHO ARE WE NOW?: Couples During the Postpartum Period

                                                             storytelling by Molly and her husband Chris followed by a panel of professionals

                                                             hosted by Roots Family Collaborative at Beall Park Center   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Wednesday, 2/21 @ 7pm                    San Francisco, California      BOOKS, INC : reading followed by Q&A with Courtney Martin

                                                              (2251 Chestnut St location)                                  

Thursday, 3/1 @7:30pm                      Chicago, Illinois                     WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST 


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