Okay so, I Have Some Rules

Okay, so I have some rules for my writing self. They are simple. Baby steps: one foot in front of the other and focus on the small task in front of me. Allow the Mess: creativity is inherently as messy as the garbage dump so better to get comfortable with the unknowing and disordered thoughts and false starts and scribbles. Plan with the seasons: release myself from the necessity of an "everyday" practice because we are cyclical beings who could learn from trusting timing instead of a linear calendar. Use ritual AND spontaneity: momentum comes from rhythm but avoid the habit of preciousness (the need for the "right" desk or drink or space or time). Act as if: and here we employ some heavy-ass visualization and assuming it will all happen. 

I can navigate in the pitch dark and do this no problem-- for a book. 

My next task: apply it to a part of my life that doesn't budge.